FiberLite™ Pultruded Fiberglass Column Installation Instructions

  1. Measure the exact floor to ceiling height using a plumb to insure accuracy.
  2. Cut the column shaft as needed to achieve the measurement taken in step 1.  Use an abrasive blade. CAUTION: Load must be fully and evenly distributed across the entire top and bottom shaft surfaces to achieve maximum load bearing capabilities**.  Use a rasp to level as required.  It is not permissible at any time to fill the interior of the column shaft with sand, concrete or any other material.
  3. To locate neck bead use the supplied template.  Fold template (included in package) at 8″ or 10″ line, (depending on your column size) and hold over top of column.  Draw a line at bottom of template.  Repeat for remaining 3 sides.  Slip neck ring onto column and with the top of neck ring even with drawn line, attach to column using glue, silicon caulk or 1″ long air nailer brads (approximately 1-1/4″ in from each corner of column.)
  4. Slip cap and base onto column. If this column is installed where it could collect water or debris, the top of the column and cap MUST be flashed (covered) to prevent such collection.  Use lead, copper, aluminum galvanized, etc. Flashing cut slightly larger than the assembled cap, and fold the edges down over the cap after step 6.
  5. Tip column shaft into position and lower load onto shaft to hold it in position.  If installation requires some method of securing the column in place before load is applied, use metal “L” brackets by others.  NOTE: Always drill clearance holes in columns and secure with through-bolts or toggle-bolts – DO NOT USE SCREWS – and do not over-tighten.
  6. Attach the cap and base to the column using 1″ long air nailer brads approximately 1-1/4″ in from each corner of column, or may be glued and clamped.
  7. Caulk gaps between shaft and cap, base and necking as needed.
  8. Paint with a high quality oil or acrylic latex paint.  Remove all dust and dirt by thoroughly wiping column with cleaner compatible with your chosen paint (mineral spirits for oil paint, Simple Green or isopropyl alcohol for acrylic latex paint.) Allow to dry completely before painting.
  9. Columns my be split to cover lally columns, posts, etc. using an abrasive Carborundum or carbide blade.

* Please check your local building codes to determine whether FiberLiteTM columns are applicable for your needs.

* Eccentric installations will reduce the load bearing rating. See your structural engineer for loading guidance.

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