Cast Stone Balustrades That Add Beauty To Any Project

MeltonStone BalustradesMelton Classics provides all of their clients with a large variety of columns and cast stone balustrades. All balustrades are made with materials that make them low maintenance and maintenance free.  These designs have a substantial look and feel of stone and have a reduced weight for elevated applications.

You can tell that the quality of Melton Classics balustrades are spectacular just by glancing at them. Decorate your porch, garden, balcony or stairway with one of our unique balustrades. Our products create drama and enduring elegance.

Instead of natural stone, Melton Classics provides cast stone architectural elements that are affordable and a durable alternative. In addition to the wonderful look and durability of the product, unlimited design flexibility is available to any client. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to producing your personal design.

To make sure that each client has the perfect balustrade, Melton offers systems in numerous sizes. Standard straight balustrade railings aren’t the only railings we provide. Railings with a radius or helical shape can be created by our casting artisans. This feature will add flair and interest to any design you choose.

If you choose Melton Classics to take control of any column or balustrade projects, you will not regret it. We take the time to personally get to know each customer and make sure that their fully satisfied with every piece of work done.

Give us a call at 877-290-4148 and we can start a personalized project for you right NOW!

Piers and Finials for Your Architectural Needs

Melton Classics is always looking out for their customers with their affordable prices. With tons of different Melton Stone products, we can most likely help you with your architectural needs. Pier caps and finials that crown the tops of piers are also some products that we provide.

Even if your design calls for an urn, planter, classic ball or a simple pier cap,we have it all. All of our pier caps and finials are inspected throughout the manufacturing process just to make sure that it has the best quality, detail and appearance.

Our cast stone has a “sugar cube” like finish that looks like cut limestone. Our Melton Classic Stone is more resistant to weather and dirt. Also having very low moisture absorption and has a smooth finish with no bug holes or pits.

We’re here to add beauty and elegance to your project. Please give us a call at 888-662-3871.