Architectural Urethane™ Polyurethane Window Features

Architectural Urethane Window FeaturesMelton Classics offers a wide array of window features from our large selection of standard molds to allow the design professional to create drama and elegance for any type of project. Melton Classics offers a wide array of Architectural Urethane™ window features enhance any window opening. We offer keystones, crossheads, pediments, radius casings, elliptical casings, straight casings, pilasters, sills and shutters in a myriad of designs and sizes to add beauty and drama to any design.

Crossheads and Pediments

Our low maintenance polyurethane crossheads are available with keystones, dentil trim and banding at the customer’s request in essentially any width opening. To complete your window design, a variety of pediment styles can be combined with our crossheads to complete the design. We also offer a variety of plain, fluted and paneled shaft pilasters to accompany our crossheads and pediments.

Window Mouldings – Radius Casings, Elliptical Casings and Window Sills

In addition to straight crossheads, we also offer arched window and door casings in a variety of profiles with keystones to match as you desire. Our window casings can be crafted in a true radius or in elliptical profiles. Our arches can be combined with wings and pilasters or matching straight mouldings for Palladian Windows, as well. To complete your low maintenance window opening we also offer our rot free Architectural Urethane window sills.

Window Shutters – Louvered Shutters and Paneled Shutters

In addition, Melton Classics offers paneled or louvered shutters to enhance any window opening. Combining radius and elliptical casings with shutters, matching jamb casing and sills allow the design professional complete coordination of your window design elements in pre-primed low maintenance Architectural Urethane™.

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