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How do I receive my order and check it when it arrives?

You will be provided a copy of our comprehensive Delivery and Receiving Instructions below prior to delivery. Be sure to read them carefully, and follow them closely. Call us immediately at 800-963-3060 with any questions or if you have freight damage to your order. See the Delivery and Receiving Instructions below for complete instructions.

Delivery and Receiving Instructions

Upon delivery of your order the carrier will arrive in a 40’ (+-) tractor trailer with a covered trailer or flatbed. If there is any question regarding whether a truck of this size can access your delivery location, call Melton Classics immediately to try to arrange a special delivery. Special delivery is not included in your order price, and you will be responsible for any special delivery fees. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Melton Classics of any special delivery conditions prior to shipment of your order. If we are not notified prior to shipment you will incur expensive return and redelivery fees. The columns, balustrades or millwork will either be crated, or boxed and palletized into heavy units. You will need to have personnel and equipment on hand at the time of delivery to unload the truck. The driver is not responsible for unloading the truck. In most cases, you will also need a fork lift(s), crane and or other equipment to unload the truck.

Your purchase price includes curbside LTL delivey and up to two hours unload time. Two hours unload time should be sufficient to unload a full tractor trailer if proper equipment and personnel are available. If the unload time exceeds two hours, additional charges (Detention Charges) will be incurred. You are responsible for any detention charges for delays in unloading beyond two hours, and you will need to pay those charges directly to the driver prior to the truck leaving your project site. Melton Classics will not be responsible for detention charges.

Receiving Your Order

Melton Classics is not responsible for loss or damage in transit. Any damage claims must be filed directly with the carrier. Therefore, it is extremely important to inspect the shipping crate for any visible damage before unloading and unpacking the merchandise. If the crates and boxes are in good condition, begin unloading your order. Be sure to carefully inspect all packages, and accurately account for each package noted on the Bill of Lading.  It is important to make sure all boxes, pallets, and crates noted on the bill of lading are delivered. Never sign the bill of lading without verifying the number of pieces shipped and listed on the packing list against the number delivered. Once you sign the bill of lading you have accepted the order as complete and in good condition, and have taken ownership of the merchandise. After that point Melton Classics can no longer file a claim against the carrier on your behalf. Melton Classics will not be responsible for shortages or damaged goods not noted on the Bill of Lading at time of delivery. If there is no damage and the order is complete, sign the bill of lading “Subject to Concealed Damage – Your Name”. Be sure to open all packages, and immediately inspect your order to ensure that there is no concealed damage. Failure to immediately inspect, locate and notify the carrier of concealed damage may make a successful claim with the carrier difficult or impossible.

If there is damaged product, call your sales rep immediately at 800-963-3060.

If a crate appears to be damaged, take a photograph of the packaged products before you remove them from the truck, and before opening the packaging. After taking pictures, open the packaging and look for product damage. Take pictures of all pieces and parts of the damaged goods and packaging. If goods are damaged, do not finish unpacking until the carrier has completed inspection and noted damaged or missing items on the delivery ticket. You must note damaged or missing items on the ticket yourself. Your sales rep will notify you whether to unload and keep the damaged goods on site, or refuse delivery of the damaged portion of the order. DO NOT dispose of any damaged products or packing materials. If you dispose of damaged goods or packing materials without written approval you will incur additional charges for product replacement.

If the goods are to be returned, repackage the damaged product carefully, and have the freight line return them to us for repair or replacement. Failure to repackage the damaged products properly will result in your incurring additional charges for product replacement. If you are instructed to return the damaged goods, you will do so by writing on the bill of lading, “Damaged goods in shipment-return to sender”, list each one of the damaged item(s), and sign the bill of lading. Be sure to have the driver initial the list of damaged items. If the damage is found at the time of delivery, and the damaged items are noted on the delivery paperwork properly, Melton Classics can file a claim with the carrier, and place a reorder for the damaged goods. Be sure to call your sales representative and notify them of any damaged items while the delivery driver is on site.

If for any reason you are unable to uncrate the merchandise while the carrier is still there, sign the Bill of Lading “Subject to Concealed Damage – Your Name”. After signing for and accepting delivery of your order, be sure to immediately open and inspect all materials immediately for concealed damage. Again, do not sign the bill of lading until you are certain that all merchandise is in good condition, all goods on the Bill of Lading have been delivered, and that any damaged goods have been noted because it is much more difficult to collect for shortages and concealed damage after the order had been accepted. Please consult your sales representative if you have questions.


If columns, balustrades, cornice or millwork products must be stored prior to installation, it is imperative that they be kept in a dry and well ventilated place. It is important that columns be stored in an upright position. Prior to storage, primed wooden columns should be painted with two coats of Sherwin Williams Duration paint. Wood columns should not be stored under a tarpaulin. Stain grade columns should be kept in an acclimatized environment at all times and finished immediately upon receipt to prevent checking. All of our products should be stored in a dry, well ventilated area prior to installation.


Installation Instructions have been faxed to you prior to delivery, and are included with your order at delivery. Locate installation instructions and forward to the installer. Installer should become familiar with installation procedures prior to beginning installation. If installation instructions are lost or cannot be found, call our office immediately at 800-963-3060 and an additional set will be sent to you.


If you have any questions or need assistance in any way, please call your architectural products representative at 800-963-3060. We appreciate your business very much and would be gratified to receive the opportunity to supply your needs in the future where your project calls for fine architectural millwork products by Melton Classics.

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