Architectural Columns by Melton Classics

Melton Classics has been supplying the finest quality architectural columns in the country for nearly a quarter century. We offer columns in a wide array of materials, designs, and price ranges to service the varying needs, budgets and building applications of our thousands of satisfied customers across the country.


We offer many maintenance free and low maintenance column materials such as our popular and economical DuraClassic marble composite fiberglass columns, ClassicGlas resin/cast fiberglass columns, MeltonCraft PVC columns, MarbleTex synthetic stone columns and FiberCrete GFRC columns.

One of our most popular and economical column products is our DuraClassic Poly/Marble Fiberglass Composite Columns. DuraClassic Columns combine economical pricing, with low maintenance, and they are as durable as they are beautiful. Cast entirely from our durable poly/marble composite with a similar feel to a marble countertop, they are Class A fire rated and backed by a lifetime warranty. DuraClassic Columns are available round or square in a broad selection of sizes and designs. They are ideal go to columns for high wear applications such as schools, apartments and government housing, and are also classically beautiful, as well.

For applications requiring larger columns our popular ClassicGlas Fiberglass Columns provide a lifetime warranty, reduced weight, and ease of installation while not compromising on durability or beauty. They are offered with round or square shafts in entasis tapered or no-taper styles in a variety of classic and contemporary designs.

Round Architectural Columns

Square Architectural Columns


Our MeltonCraft PVC Square Columns are our most popular and economical square columns. They are low maintenance, easy to install and allow you essentially limitless design flexibility. We can craft nearly any custom design economically with our MeltonCraft PVC columns. They are machined using state of the art computer controlled machinery from 5/8″ thick cellular PVC with an interlocking corner joint for a solid feel, durability and long lasting beauty.

For the feel and look of masonry or stone, our MarbleTex Synthetic Stone and FiberCrete GFRC Columns offer a colors and designs to enhance the beauty of your building’s design. MarbleTex Columns are cast from a beautiful selection of colors in our integrally colored poly/marble composite and require no painting or sealants. FiberCrete GFRC columns are cast from glass fiber reinforced concrete and are available for paint or prefinished applications in classic or contemporary designs.

Please contact one of our Architectural Column Specialists at 800-963-3060 now for a free consultation and quotation on quality built and affordably priced Architectural Columns by Melton Classics.

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