Structural Support Columns

FiberWound Architectural ColumnsMelton Classics offers a wide variety of support columns for load bearing applications in a wide array of materials, designs and sizes to provide you the ideal structural support columns for your design, application and budget.

All the columns listed to the left of this page can be used for weight bearing dead load support applications based on loads determined by your structural engineer. Please see our load bearing charts for each of our structural support column products for estimated load bearing values by diameter and product type.

Does Your Application Call for Support Columns or Structural Columns?

For live load applications, applications where uplift and shear may be involved, or applications where the load exceeds our estimated guidelines, we recommend that you consult with a structural engineer for assistance with steel or wood structural columns to meet your structural and load bearing application needs. Ask them about the use of products such as a Simpson Tie Rod for uplift protection, and other ways to meet your structural needs while still allowing you to reduce time and labor by using a one piece column rather than using a non-load bearing column cover.

Save Time And Labor By Planning Early – Structural Support Columns vs. Column Covers

Load Bearing ColumnsPlease contact one of our Architectural Column Specialists for assistance with your support columns as soon as possible in the planning process. If it is determined that your application requires a column cover, we may be able to save you significant time and labor expenses if we can assist you with application techniques and product selection early enough in the planning process.

For projects where you may need a column cover, column wrap, or lally column cover, please refer to our column covers section. All of our Melton Classics architectural columns can be provided as column covers, or split columns for wrapping and beautifying your structural steel or wood members.

For a free consultation and quotation on your structural support column needs call one of our experienced Architectural Column Specialists at 800-963-3060.

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