Fiberglass Columns

Melton Classics offers you affordable prices on the finest quality fiberglass columns in the industry. We offer you three types of quality built and low maintenance fiberglass column products. Our fiberglass columns are available load bearing or as fiberglass column covers in round or square styles. Our fiberglass columns are offered in an industry leading selection of standard classical, contemporary or custom designs. Our broad selection of quality fiberglass and fiberglass composite materials allows us to supply you with the ideal fiberglass columns for your building application. Our fiberglass columns are also crafted with the finest materials with ease of installation in mind to save you money on installation. 

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Industry Leading Selection of Fiberglass Columns

Our popular DuraClassic™ Fiberglass Composite Columns or Column Covers are amazingly affordable and backed by a lifetime warranty. Every element of our DuraClassic™ fiberglass columns, from capital, shaft and base, is cast with exacting detail from our durable thick poly/marble fiberglass composite which has a similar feel and composition to a solid surface countertop. These beautiful fiberglass columns are offered in a wide variety of designs, and are engineered to provide a lifetime of beauty in extreme weather and high wear applications. From your home to university housing, or multifamily projects, DuraClassic™ fiberglass columns are the industry standard for a lifetime of beauty, durability, and beautiful designs.

We also offer our ClassicGlas™ Fiberglass Columns or Column Covers which are ideal for larger column applications where weight and installation cost are an issue. These durable fiberglass columns are available with an ASTM E84-01 Class 1 fire rating, and can be supplied as load bearing fiberglass columns, or as column covers with a simple to install assembly tab running the full  length of the shaft. ClassicGlas™ fiberglass columns are offered in a limitless array of beautiful designs in round or square styles with plain, paneled or fluted shafts in diameters from 14″ to 36″.

If your project calls for a non-load bearing fiberglass column cover, our FRP Classic™ Fiberglass Column Covers may be the ideal columns for your needs. Hand cast from fire rated resins in a broad selection of classical and contemporary designs; these beautiful fiberglass columns offer an attractive way to cover your steel or wood structural supports. Available in a variety of beautiful designs, our FRP Classic™ fiberglass columns are available from 14″ to 40″ diameters.

Limitless Fiberglass Columns Designs

From classical to contemporary or custom, Melton Classics has a fiberglass column design to add elegance to your project. We offer fiberglass columns with round or square shafts in your choice of a smooth or fluted design. You can select from authentic classical designs, contemporary designs, or we can create your own custom design. The only limit to the fiberglass columns Melton Classics can craft for you is your imagination.

Call for a Free Consultation with Our Fiberglass Columns Specialists

Please give one of our experienced staff of Fiberglass Column Specialists a call at 800-963-3060 for a free personal consultation and quote. From the first call, you will be designated your own Fiberglass Columns Specialist and project manager to assist you throughout your project with product selection, estimate, installation and any needs you may have to ensure you have a successful column project. Thank you for your interest in quality fiberglass columns by Melton Classics. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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