ClassicGlas FRP Fiberglass Columns & Column Covers

ClassicGlass Architectural Columns

Our ClassicGlas  Fiberglass Columns are beautiful, economical, simple-to-install, and are backed by a lifetime warranty. ClassicGlas  Fiberglass Columns are ideal for your building designs that call for larger fiberglass columns as they are available in diameters from 16″ to 36″ and in heights up to 30′. For your column needs that call for diameters from 6″ to 14″ we recommend our DuraClassic Composite Fiberglass Columns.

ClassicGlas Columns can be supplied with the column split and tabbed for reassembly , or they can be engineered in one piece for load bearing applications with full round shafts. ClassicGlas FRP columns can also be specified for fire rated applications. 

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ClassicGlass Architectural ColumnsOur beautiful and durable ClassicGlas Fiberglass Columns are available in authentic classical designs crafted with a classical entasis taper, as well as, contemporary tapered or non-tapered designs, or we can create your own custom design. They also are available with an extensive selection of shaft design options including shafts that are round or square, tapered or non-tapered, and fluted or smooth with a broad selection of capital and base design options so that you can select the ideal column design for your project. See Designs…

Why Architects Specify ClassicGlas FRP Fiberglass Columns

ClassicGlass Architectural ColumnsHundreds of architects across the country are specifying ClassicGlas columns for their projects due to the beauty, lifetime warranty and durability of our ClassicGlas FRP Fiberglass Columns. They also like the ease of handling and simple installation that reduces labor cost. The monolithic seamless installed appearance and crispness of design and detail are also popular with both commercial and residential designers. See Specifications…

Reduce Your Installation Costs with ClassicGlas Fiberglass Columns

ClassicGlass Architectural Columns
Melton Classics ClassicGlas Fiberglass Columns are engineered to reduce installation costs. They are available load bearing, or factory split for reassembly around steel to be used as column covers, and are designed with reduced weight to limit, or eliminate the crane and handling equipment expense necessary for heavier column products like large composite fiberglass columns or GFRC concrete columns. ClassicGlas Columns that are split for reassembly are also designed with full-length alignment tabs, which cut your labor cost by simplifying realignment and speeding up the job of reassembly and finishing of the column halves. Our exclusive tab joint alignment system also facilitates a seamless monolithic shaft, capital and base appearance. When used as column covers ClassicGlas columns don’t require internal blocking necessary with other less substantial fiberglass column covers which eliminates blocking and will save you hundreds of dollars in material and labor. See Installation Instructions…
ClassicGlass Architectural Columns

The Highest Quality in the Industry

When making an important purchase like the selection of the ideal fiberglass columns for your building project, the educated consumer will ask about the important features of their columns like the warranty term, and the type of capital and base material in the columns they are considering. Our ClassicGlas fiberglass columns carry an industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty and our capitals and bases are cast from durable and impact resistant Fiber/Resin fiberglass composite.

We also offer authentically designed fluted fiberglass column products for which both Ionic and Doric fluting styles are available in order to enhance the look of your columns even more. The flutes of our ClassicGlas columns are also designed to stop correctly above the base instead of running into it or stopping too high above the base. For the industry standard in quality, design and affordability buy ClassicGlas Fiber/Resin Fiberglass Columns by Melton Classics.
ClassicGlass Architectural Columns

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You can’t go wrong selecting Melton Classics Lifetime Warranty ClassicGlas FiberResin Fiberglass Columns for your next building project. The high quality, affordability and authentic beauty are truly unbeatable.

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