Melton Classics has wonderfully created unique and elegant balustrades which provide a very natural complement to our excellent columns and which will enhance the beauty of any home or commercial building. Our balustrades are manufactured by perfectly molding high-density urethane around many different structural elements which provide the beauty, durability and quality you have come to expect from Melton Classics.

Our balustrades are perfectly designed to provide a classic elegant beauty with hardly any maintenance. It doesn’t matter if your building design application calls for a lighter weight balustrade system, rooftop, balcony, or a massive cast stone balustrade system for your patio, staircase, or deck.  Melton Classics has your ideal balustrades at affordable pricing.

Four Quality Balustrade Systems Materials

Melton Classics offers our balustrade systems crafted in your choice of four quality materials. Our popular and they are affordably priced Architectural Urethane™ Balustrades are part of a balustrade systems.  These balustrades are cast from high density polyurethane with a similar density to white pine and are factory primed. Architectural Urethane balustrade systems are designed so that they can be painted to achieve color coordination with our extensive selection of Architectural Urethane™ exterior millwork, and are impervious to rot and insects. They are also engineered to be durable yet they are light enough in weight to be one of our most popular balustrade systems for balconies and rooftop applications.

Our MarbleTex™ Synthetic Stone Balustrade Systems have integral coloration and the texture of fine cut stone with no maintenance. Engineered to be light weight enough for most elevated applications, these classically beautiful balustrade systems have the substantial feel and look of cut stone at more affordable prices.

For the look, feel and weigh of stone, our MeltonStone™ Cast Stone Balustrade Systems provide zero maintenance with natural stone maturing effects. We also can provide a full line of window, door, stair, and other cast stone architectural elements to coordinate withyour MeltonStone™ balustrade systems.

Our most economical balustrade system is our VinylClassic™ PVC Balustrade Systems. Built from virgin PVC in classic white and reinforced with aluminum substructure, this balustrade system requires no painting.

Essentially Unlimited Balustrade Systems Designs

We offer over 80 classic designs and sizes in our balustrade systems to allow you to select the ideal look for your building design. However, if you have a custom balustrade system design or want to replicate a historical design, Melton Classics specializes in the custom manufacture of balustrade systems. Just call one of our experienced Balustrade System Specialists for a free consultation and quotation on your custom balustrade system needs.

Balustrade Systems Designed for Your Safety

Your safety is our primary concern so our balustrade systems are designed and engineered for International Building Code compliance. We also can accommodate both residential and commercial requirements for both spacing and rail height to accommodate any building project need. However, our balustrade systems also allow for flexibility of baluster spacing and hand rail height for balustrade system applications where there are no code considerations, and the balustrade is only decorative in nature.

Free Consultation and Quotation

Please call one of our experienced Balustrade Systems Specialists at 800-963-3060 for a free consultation and quotation on the ideal quality built and low maintenance balustrade systems for your building project.

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