How To Really Enhance Your Home Or Building!

Are you tired of coming home to a “blah” appearance of your home, or arriving at your business and having that same problem? The landscaping is nice, but it just does not do anything for you. You can completely change the look of your home or building without spending a fortune. Just add special features to enhance it.
With the help of the professionals at Melton Classics. We can transform your home to look like a historic victorian, just by adding things like fiberglass cornices. You know, those beautiful little added designs that adorn every edge of an old Victorian. They were originally made of wood and always had to be repaired and painted. With fiberglass cornices, you have no worries and can have that “Gingerbread” house look.
If you are looking for a more “stately” mansion appearance, such as neoclassical with soaring columns added to the front, and possibly the back. Another feature that really stands out, is capitals and bases, which are added to the columns. These are decorative pieces that give the columns either a Greek or Roman appearance. You can also add sweeping balustrade staircases to the building.
Melton Classics can work with you to get that perfect desired look on your home or business. Fiberglass cornices come in a variety of designs that will compliment your buildings. Some people like the simple look with just a “molding” look, whereas others like the more intricate designs, that are available in block-like or or sconces with animal heads or figurine sconces. No matter what type of columns, balustrades or fiberglass cornices you may want to add, Modern Classics will be able to take care of your needs. No more drab and boring home or building for you. You will love its new appearance. Call today and get started.

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