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A balustrade has been a part of fine architecture for hundreds of years. With over 100 beautiful designs and sizes to choose from, we are confident you will add elegance to your home at a great price.  With Melton Classics, you will also find the ideal balustrade for your architectural design  and budget from our extensive selection of classic balustrade designs.

A Balustrade Engineered for Reduced Weight and Zero Maintenance

Our balustrade is designed to meet the International Building Code safety and spacing requirements and is engineered for reduced weight for elevated building applications. However, if your project does not require code compliance, we can reduce costs by eliminating unneeded balusters, and increasing the spacing between each balustrade. We have multiple options in both maintenance free and reduced weight balustrade systems for balcony use. If weight is not a concern, but you still want the grand look and feel of a stone balustrade, we have the perfect system for you in our MeltonStone Cast Stone Balustrade line of products.

Large Selection of Quality Balustrade Products

Melton Classic’s offers a sizable variety of quality balustrade systems crafted in a selection of the finest low maintenance and maintenance free materials and guaranteed to enhance the beauty of any home or building.

One of our most affordable balustrade systems is our low maintenance Architectural Urethane Balustrade. Cast with sharp detail from high-density polyurethane, this system is designed for easy installation, reduced weight and immunity to insects and rot. It comes in a variety of designs and sizes, and will provide years of effortless beauty when painted with our recommended lifetime warranty Duration Paint by Sherwin Williams.

Our maintenance free MarbleTex Synthetic Stone Balustrade does not require painting and is available cast from our integrally colored synthetic marble composite in a variety of gorgeous standard colors or your own custom choice.  A MarbleTex Balustrade is cast with a fine texture, similar to that of a sugar cube, and has the look and feel of stone. MarbleTex is available in a vast selection of designs and is engineered to have reduced weight for balcony use. Are you trying to coordinate the entire look of your building project? No problem. We offer a classic selection of MarbleTex Synthetic Stone Columns to perfectly match any of our balustrade products.

MeltonStone Balustrade can also be combined with our full MeltonStone cast stone product line including wall caps, pier caps, window and door features, and other beautifully designed architectural features to coordinate the final look and feel of your project. For the elegant appearance of natural stone, we recommend our beautiful  MeltonStone Cast Stone Balustrade systems. These reasonably priced systems are hand cast from a mixture of compacted cement, sand and stone aggregate. The beautiful resulting cast stone has the weight, look, texture and maturing characteristics of natural stone and is offered in a variety of natural stone colors.

Finally, our most economical balustrade is the VinylClassic Vinyl Balustrade. Lightweight, structural and maintenance free, this beautiful balustrade is extruded from classic white PVC and has aluminum structural members for added safety and strength. VinylClassic PVC Balustrade is also perfect for balcony and rooftop applications.

Experienced Balustrade Specialists to Assist You

Our Balustrade Specialists are ready to assist you in the selection of your balustrade to ensure that you find the ideal balustrade product and design for your project. For a free quotation, please call our experienced Balustrade Systems Specialists at 800-963-3060.  Please be prepared to send a dimensioned hand sketch or architectural plan view drawing of your balustrade layout to us via fax 770-962-6988 or email, [email protected] for a price estimate.

Thank you for your interest in high quality balustrade systems by Melton Classics. We look forward to making your project a success.

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