Polyurethane Balustrades

Melton Classics has combined classic styling and the finest available materials to provide you with the perfect Balustrade system. We try to make sure that the design that you decide to choose is affordable. We build our products with only the finest maintenance free and low maintenance materials. Our designs are hand cast and meticulously finished to a smooth and essentially seamless appearance.These low maintenance paint grade balustrade materials allow us to provide you with ideal project that you are looking for. Our wonderful Balustrades come in over 80 elegant designs and sizes. Whether you are looking for a Victorian railing, a balcony balustrade, widows walk, or a stone balustrade, Melton Classics will provide the best services for your balustrade. Our classically detailed Balustrades provide the warmth and feel of a finely crafted wood. these balustrades are an ideal durable and low maintenance alternative to wood railings. Our balustrades are manufactured with a high density polyurethane. These have a similar density to pine, will not rot, splinter or separate and is insect resistant. We also offer personal consultations, project estimation and quotations. Give us a call at 888-478-4392 for any assistance.

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