Architectural Columns

Architectural Columns

Architectural Columns by Melton Classics

Melton Classics presents you the most comprehensive selection of architectural columns in the industry crafted in a wide selection of quality low maintenance and maintenance free materials. At Melton Classics our architectural columns are crafted with impeccable quality in an essentially limitless selection of designs to allow us to provide you with the ideal architectural columns for your design, application and budget.

Architectural Columns in a Limitless Selection of Designs

We offer you an essentially limitless selection of architectural columns. Melton Classics’ classically designed architectural columns are available crafted in authentic classical designs meticulously based on the Orders of Architecture by the renowned Renaissance architect Vignola. We also offer our architectural columns in contemporary, craftsman, Arts and Crafts designs. Melton Classics’ round architectural columns are available with your choice of tapered or straight shafts in a plain smooth or fluted shaft design. Our Square architectural columns are offered with straight or tapered shafts with plain smooth, fluted or paneled shaft designs. We also specialize in the creation of custom designs at amazingly affordable prices for historical replications, or to create your own unique custom design.

The Finest Architectural Columns Materials

Melton Classics manufactures architectural columns in a wide array of the finest materials to ensure we can meet your design and building and design  specifications. Our popular and affordably priced DuraClassic™ architectural columns are cast entirely from our durable and impact resistant poly/marble fiberglass composite, and are backed by a lifetime warranty.  Ideal for larger columns where reduced weight is desired to ease installation, our ClassicGlas™ fiberglass architectural columns are cast from fiber/resin fiberglass composite, backed by a lifetime warranty, and have full length alignment halves standard when you request them as columns covers instead of load bearing. We also have a variety of maintenance free architectural columns, cast from synthetic stone, GFRC or cast stone. We also offer a full line of architectural wood columns in our ClassicWood™ product line which are available in a wide range of wood species for paint or stain finish.

Experienced Architectural Columns Specialists to Assist You

In order to ensure the selection of the ideal architectural columns for your design, application, and budget may we suggest that you take the opportunity to consult with one of our seasoned staff of architectural column specialists. Take some time and browse our website and see all the selections that we have to offer in architectural columns then give us a call at 800-963-3060.

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