MeltonStone™ Cast Stone Columns and Column Covers

MeltonStone ColumnsFor decades cast stone columns have been incorporated into the finest and most enduring architecture. Melton Classics carries on that tradition of authenticity and enduring beauty with its line of MeltonStone™ cast stone columns and pilasters. A wide array of classical or contemporary column styles are available to lend the durability, beauty and elegance of architectural cast stone to your building’s design.

Economical Cast Stone with Cast Stone Institute Quality

MeltonStone ColumnsMore economical than natural stone columns, our cast stone columns also provide more consistent color, porosity, and maturing characteristics. Our cast stone column covers are dry-tamp manufactured to meet or exceed the stringent standards of the Cast Stone Institute. Don’t settle for concrete columns, or precast columns cast from wet cast concrete that will crack and deteriorate. Insist on the enduring quality of authentic MeltonStone™ Cast Stone Architectural Columns and MeltonStone™ Architectural Elements by Melton Classics.

To enhance the authenticity of your columns, Melton Classics can manufacture your MeltonStone™ cast stone columns in stacked sections with quirks for the look of the classic stone columns of antiquity. Also available on smaller columns are one piece shafts, or shafts manufactured in halves and sections for use as column covers or column wraps.

Light Weight Cornices, Balustrades and Architectural Elements Available to Match MeltonStone™

MeltonStone ColumnsFor coordination of your design elements Melton Classics offers a wide array of cast stone balustrades, mouldings, wall cap, pier caps, jack arches, pavers and other classic architectural elements cast in MeltonStone™. For applications where weight is an issue, Melton Classics can also create FRP Classic™ Fiberglass Cornices and light weight MarbleTex™ Synthetic Stone Balustrades, or FiberCrete™ GFRC Cornices and Architectural Elements to match color and authentic stone appearance of our MeltonStone™ Cast Stone Columns and MeltonStone™ Architectural Elements.

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