FiberWound Classic™ Fiberglass Columns

FiberWound ColumnsIn the Melton Classics tradition of innovation, the FiberWound Classic™ load bearing fiberglass columns combine aerospace technology with authentic classical column designs to create one of the most durable and economical architectural columns available.

Fiberglass Columns in Classical Designs

These Classically designed tapered columns are created with an architecturally correct entasis taper and adorned with classically proportioned capitals and bases to provide a lifetime of classic beauty. In addition to classic Tuscan or Roman Doric designs, FiberWound Classic™ columns are offered in a wide range of more ornamental designs such as the beautiful Corinthian or authentic Greek Ionic designs. FiberWound Classic™ columns are the beautiful and classically authentic fiberglass column for your architectural column needs.

Available as Load Bearing Columns or as Column Covers

Although FiberWound Classic™ fiberglass columns are engineered to be structural columns where appropriate, they also may be split for reassembly for use as column covers or column wraps. Architects often specify FiberWound columns where they have a mixture of structural columns and column covers, or in applications where they wish to avoid the cost of reassembling a column wrap altogether. Ask one of our column specialists how you can avoid the high costs of using column covers or column wraps by using FiberWound Classic™ columns on your project. If your application calls for a fire rated column, FiberWound Classic™ columns may also be specified to meet ASTM E84-01 Flame Spread and Smoke requirements.

Simple and Low Cost Fiberglass Column Installation

Aerospace filament winding technology allows us to build FiberWound Classic fiberglass columns with high impact resistance and very high load bearing capacities without having excessive weight. This reduced weight combined with simplicity of assembly provides lower installation and handling costs making the FiberWound Classic™ column one of the most durable and affordable architectural columns available. FiberWound fiberglass columns are so impact resistant that they are often specified full round to slide over structural steel early in the construction process as a column cover, thereby eliminating seams and the labor of rejoining column cover shaft halves and greatly reducing installation costs. Due to the reduced weight of FiberWound Classic™ columns they can be easily moved and lifted thereby reducing handling costs, as well.

Limited Lifetime Warranty Fiberglass Columns

FiberWound Classic™ columns are durable and impact resistant and are backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Whether they are used as building columns, or porch columns the FiberWound Classic™ will provide a lifetime of classically beautiful service.

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