FRP Columns

FRP columns are a lighter alternative to steel, with many benefits of a structural steel column. They’re both cost and weight-efficient, providing an acceptable alternative to a heavy structural column. FRP columns can support more than twice the steel columns’ load to accommodate more heavy equipment. Here we shall discuss the various services offered by the FRP column and the advantages of each.

1. Uses

The FRP column is used primarily in areas with high maintenance requirements and seismic activity. These columns are much more resistant to fire and other damage factors that may arise. In addition, they’re also more resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc. They’re also used in industrial facilities such as lumber mills and sawmills to support heavy industrial equipment. These columns don’t rust or corrode due to the nature of their makeup; they’re unaffected by extreme temperature changes and are resistant to a wide range of chemicals.

2. Architectural Columns

The FRP columns are lightweight and attractive, often used for architectural applications. These columns can support the weight of the load with little or even no additional support, thus eliminating the need for other structural steel. Melton Classics offers you the industry’s largest selection of architectural columns. These columns come in a vast array of styles and finishes, with sizes ranging from 6″ to 36″. We also ensure that our architectural columns feature the highest quality materials, engineered to withstand strong winds and earthquakes, enabling them to stand up against the harshest environmental conditions.

3. Circular Columns

Circular FRP columns are often combined with flooring systems such as pre-cast concrete and decking. They’re also used with machinery foundations, providing a huge amount of stability and rigidity needed for heavy industrial machinery and manufacturing areas. They’re highly resistant to damage caused by water or chemicals.

Fiberglass-reinforced polymer columns are light, strong, durable, and resistant to corrosion and corrosion. The light weight of these columns makes them ideal for many applications where structural steel is usually used. The durability of FRP columns makes them a perfect choice for industrial areas where the equipment is subject to heavy damage from natural disasters, and machines in these areas are often vast and heavy. These columns are also used in many architectural applications, especially in combination with pre-cast concrete or other flooring systems.

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