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Louver Shutters

Our Louvered Colonial shutters provide an undeniable, simple charm with the clean, crisp lines of true open louvers. Providing authenticity and timeless aesthetics, these shutters allow gentle breezes and ambient light when in the closed position.

The innovation behind our simplistic yet stunning designs mean your louvers will not warp, bow or rot, like some wood shutters can. Another advantage over wood, is our maintenance-free construction and superior-quality finish, both of which ensure that the louvers won’t require meticulous painting that could mar the shutters’ clean lines with unsightly drips or uneven layers.

The numerous options with our louver colonial shutters include an operable louver appearance with faux tilt rods.

Additional Rail
Vertical Mullion
Faux Tilt Rod
Custom Top or Bottom Rail
Solid Arch Top
Rabbeted Edge

Louver Shutters Louver Shutters Louver Shutters
Standard Additional Rail Vertical Mullion
Louver Shutters Louver Shutters Louver Shutters
Faux Tilt Rod Custom Top or Bottom Rail Solid Arch Top
Louver Shutters Louver Shutters
Horns Rabbeted Edge

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