Resin/Wood Classic Shutters

These economically priced architectural grade shutters are crafted from our exclusive resin/wood composite which is 90% wood fiber mixed with resins to provide a durable and beautiful shutter that has the look and feel of a wood shutter, but is moisture, rot and termite resistant. Resin/Wood Shutters are supplied factory painted with our durable exterior coatings in a variety of vibrant colors or can be purchased factory primed and ready for paint. Resin/Wood Classic Shutters are also available in a wide array of beautiful shutter designs to enhance the beauty of your home. 

Resin/Wood Classic Shutters are not stamped, or vacuum formed so they have two beautiful sides, so they can be installed as operable shutters or fixed shutters. See our Architectural Shutter Hardware section for elegant shutter dogs and hinges to enhance the look of your shutters while providing operable functionality.

We offer our Resin/Wood Classic Shutters in heights from 13.5″ to 96″ and widths from 9″ to 24″. For your taller or wider shutter needs please see our Classic Architectural or Colonial Classic Shutter lines. The louver designs of our Resin/Wood Classic Shutters are closed so there is no space between the louvers. Due to their closed louver design, we do not recommend these shutters be installed with louvers oriented up. For more authentic open louver designs please see our Classic Architectural and Colonial Classic product lines.  

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