RusticStone™ Synthetic Stone Column Installation Instructions

Use caution when handling RusticStone™ columns, as grease and oils can mar the surface.  If necessary, the column may be cleaned using acetone and a lint free cloth.

  1. Measure the exact floor to ceiling overall height using a plumb to insure accuracy.  Subtract the height of the cap from the overall height measurement.
  2. Measure down the column from the top, and mark the shaft at the height from step 1. Mark the shaft in multiple locations, and connect the marks for a continuous line. Cut the column shaft at that line, using an abrasive or carbide blade.  CAUTION: Load must be fully and evenly distributed across the entire top and bottom shaft surfaces to achieve maximum load bearing capabilities.1 Use a rasp to level as required. NOTE: Column goes through the base but not through the cap. All height adjustments must be made from the bottom of the shaft.
  3. To prevent lateral movement at the top of the column, you may wish to cut a wood block to the size of the inside cap opening. Attach that block to the soffit/beam at the center point of the column installation point. The block should be thin enough that you can raise the roof sufficiently to slide the column under it, then let the roof down – 3/8″ plywood should be satisfactory.
  4. Slip one-piece base onto the column shaft (see figure 1). If this column is installed where it could collect water or debris, the top of the column/cap MUST be flashed (covered) to prevent such collection. Use lead, copper, aluminum, galvanized etc. flashing cut slightly larger than the cap, and fold the edges down after step 5. It is not permissible at any time to fill the interior of the column shaft with sand, concrete, or any other material. Doing so would void the warranty.
  5. To prevent lateral movement at the bottom of the column , or if installation requires securing the column in place before load is applied, metal “L” brackets (suggested size 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″) may be used as long as they do not interfere with the seating of the base/plinth. NOTE: Always drill clearance holes in columns and secure with through-bolts – DO NOT USE SCREWS – and do not over-tighten.
  6. Apply standard construction adhesive to bottom surface of base, then tip loosely assembled column shaft and base into position. Apply construction adhesive to top rim of column and top surface of cap. Place cap on top of column shaft. Apply adhesive to flashing (if used) and place on top of cap. Align cap and flashing (if used) and lower load onto cap/shaft to hold it in position. Attach installation it on bottom of column (if used) to the deck/floor. Carefully lower base into position, keeping it aligned squarely with the cap, then pus down until adhesive secures the base.
  7. Caulk gaps between shaft and cap, and shaft and base as desired.
  8. Columns are factory finished: no further preparation or finishing is required.

Always check your local building codes to determine whether RusticStone™ columns are applicable to your needs.

1 Columns installed off center of overhead beam (eccentric loading) will reduce the load capacity. Contact Melton Classics for details.

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