ClassicWood™ Ornamental Capital Installation Instructions

Wood Ornamental Capital

  1. If desired, cut a centering block to fit inside of capital top. Attach block to soffit. (For wood columns, be sure to provide adequate ventilation.)
  2. Set capital temporarily on top of shaft to check fit of neck sleeve. If necessary, optional shims may be made to center the capital and take up any excess space between sleeve and inside of shaft.
  3. Pre-drill pilot holes through sides of column shaft and capital sleeve, then countersink. Do not attempt to attach screws to poly/resin capitals without pre-drilling.
  4. Remove capital; set aside. Apply construction adhesive to the top of the columns shaft. Return capital to position, and attach to shaft using non-corrosive screws. Remove any excess construction adhesive immediately. Be sure to recess screws into shaft far enough to allow for finish steps to cover screw holes.
  5. Referring to standard installation instructions, continue with installation: attach base to shaft, raise soffit and slide assembled column into place, etc. Be sure to install flashing if the capital is open at top in order to prevent entry of water and/or debris.
  6. If connection at soffit is necessary, pre-drill pilot holes through abacus at an angle, countersink, then attach using non-corrosive wood screws.
  7. Fill all screw holes, countersinks, etc. with appropriate caulk or putty. Sand, prep, and paint according to standard installation instructions.

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