MeltonCraft™ CPVC Newel Post Cover with Decorative Panels Installation Instructions

Warning: Precision machined edges of CPVC post components can be sharp. Wear gloves when handling. Also wear dust mask when cutting and eye protection.


MeltonCraft CPVC Newels are a non-structural newel cover designed to be installed around installer provided structural supports. Installer is responsible for providing structural supports and meeting all local building codes. This installer provided structure will support the panels with structural members located at the intersection of all hand and foot rails to the newel for structural attachment. The structural member is typically constructed of pressure treated wood posts. Closely follow adhesive manufacturer’s instructions.


  1. Locate the center of all newel locations based on rail lengths required for your balustrade design layout.
  2. Installer should install structural supports and framing at newel locations for application of the MeltonCraft newel cover. Be sure to locate a structural member at all the locations where you intend to attach the hand and foot rail to the newel cover.
  3. If your newel cover design has raised or recessed decorative panels, the decorative panels will face front and smooth panels will be used where the hand and foot rails will intersect the newel. If you wish to attach the decorative panel to the newel, please provide a structural support for that attachment inside the newel cover.
  4. Begin the railing installation on one of the extreme ends of the railing system.
  5. Smooth newels the panels can be cut for installation on a slope or to adjust height.
  6. Apply polyurethane adhesive to the edges of one newel side panel only.
  7. Assemble two additional side panels to the glued edges of the first panel and pin nail the panels together in a U shape.
  8. Repeat #5 and #6 for the next newel cover.
  9. Attach the three-sided newel covers to the structural framing for the first two newels with newel level and square to the intended railing design using non-corrosive fasteners.
  10. Trim hand and foot rails to desired length between newel covers leaving 1/8” on each end (1/4” total) for expansion.
  11. Attach the decorative panels to the top of foot rail with polyurethane adhesive and non-corrosive fasteners. Attach the rail support block at desired location under the foot rail to support the railing system off the deck.
  12. Install the remaining back newel cover side panels with adhesive and brads.
  13. If your newel has a top or bottom band attach them using polyurethane adhesive and non-corrosive fasteners.
  14. Using the L brackets provided attach the foot rail and the decorative panel with non-corrosive screws to the structural framing inside the newel covers.
  15. Install the handrail to the top of the decorative panel. Screw and glue the hand rail to the decorative panel by locating the fasteners under the hand rail.
  16. Using L brackets attach the hand rail with non-corrosive screws to the structural framing inside the newel covers to complete installation of the rail section.
  17. Glue and screw the newel cap to the top of the newel cover framing.
  18. Caulk all seams, fill all holes, and clean all surfaces with cleaner recommended by paint manufacturer.
  19. Prime all surfaces and paint with two coats of Sherwin Williams Duration Acrylic Paint.

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