Wood Columns by Melton Classics, Inc.

Wood ColumnsMelton Classics stays true to the old world tradition of manufacturing high quality wood columns crafted by our superior wood turning artisans using only the finest clear woods. Our Melton Classics ClassicWood exterior wood columns are carefully crafted from rot resistant Western Red Cedar. Additionally, the columns are given extra protection from rot, weather and moisture during our multi-step finishing process to ensure the final product is of unsurpassed quality. For the interior, our wood columns are available for both paint and stain applications. And to guarantee the high quality of our columns, our stain grade columns are built to meet the Architectural Woodworking Institute’s rigorous Custom Grade standards.

Quality Built Wood Columns

TheClassic Architectural Wood ColumnsAll of our finely crafted wood columns are turned from the highest quality woods available, assembled with Type I waterproof glue, and cured for at least 24 hours. The wood column shaft is then precision turned using a combination of our computer controlled lathe and the unequaled expertise of our woodworking artisans. Then, exterior column shafts are thoroughly coated throughout their entire length on the interior with asphaltum paint to seal the wood; a crucial step that our competitors leave off. Paint grade wood columns are hand sanded for a smooth finish, and given two coats of exterior primer. After manufacture, your wood columns are carefully packaged in protective crating, then safely shipped to you for installation.

Limitless Selection of Wood Columns

We can craft your wood columns in an infinite variety of designs. Whether you are interested in an authentic design from antiquity, contemporary, or even your own custom design, we have the ideal wood columns to exceed your expectations. Our authentic ClassicWood classical wood columns are designed in keeping with The Orders of Architecture, as recorded by renowned Renaissance architect, Vignola. Every element of the classical wood columns, from the proportions and bowed entasis taper of the shaft, to full depth fluting and carefully sculpted capital detail, is specifically designed to embody the true elegance and authenticity of classical architecture for your project. Our wood column repertoire includes round or square styles with entasis tapered or non-tapered shafts, smooth or fluted shaft designs and over a dozen classical and contemporary capital styles for the finishing touch.

For custom wood columns, please send drawings of your design to [email protected]. We would be happy to follow up with a complementary consultation and competitive priced quotation for your job. We specialize in custom manufacture of columns for historical restorations, and can also provide custom columns in other low maintenance materials with lifetime warranties.

ClassicWood Wood Columns are available in all of the wood species you see below and many more.

Cedar Wood Columns
Redwood Wood Columns
Pine Wood Columns
African Mahogany Wood Columns
African Mahogany
Honduran Mahogany Wood Columns
Honduran Mahogany
Birch Wood Columns
Black Walnut Wood Columns
Black Walnut
Maple Wood Columns
Poplar Wood Columns
Red Oak Wood Columns
Red Oak
White Oak Wood Columns
White Oak
American Cherry Wood Columns
American Cherry

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