DuraClassic™ Columns Specifications

DuraClassic™ Poly/Marble Composite Fiberglass Columns
Architectural Specification



A. Columns shall be Composite Fiberglass Units. Erection per drawings, manufacturers’ instructions and in compliance with local codes.


A. Applicable portions of the Agreement, Conditions of the Contract (General, Supplementary, and other Conditions), Drawings, Specifications and Addenda issued prior to the execution of the Contract, other documents listed in the Agreement and Modifications issued after the execution of the Contract shall apply to this Section. The general requirements for this work are located in Division 1 of the Specifications.


A. In accordance with Section 01 33 00.

B. Substitutions will not be considered prior to the award of the General Contract.

C. Submit shop drawings for approval showing plans, sections and details, and installation instructions covering erection, and installation hardware.

1.4 1.4 WARRANTY

A. At project closeout, provide to Owner or Owners Representative a copy of the manufacturer’s limited warranty outlining its terms and conditions.

B. The columns shall be guaranteed by the manufacturer against defects in materials or workmanship for “Lifetime of Original Ownership” when installed and maintained according to the manufacturer’s installation and maintenance instructions. “Lifetime” is as long as the original owner owns the structure to which the columns are attached.


A. The components indicated on the drawings show dimensions established to accomplish the Architect’s intended visual result and to conform to the building’s configuration. The contractor shall verify that all components that will actually be provided for the work of this section will fit the building’s structural elements and conform to the visual design criteria indicated on the drawings without materially altering profiles and alignments.

B. Any installation hardware and additional support or backing components shall be provided by the installing contractor as part of the work of this section.



A. Melton Classics, Inc., PO Box 465020, Lawrenceville, GA 30042, 800-963-3060 www.MeltonClassics.com .

B. It is required that other manufacturers wishing to submit their products shall submit and a 3 part CSI specification and samples of each type of column, capital, and base at least fourteen (14) days prior to bid date. These products must be certified in writing by the manufacturer to meet or exceed all, materials, technical performance tests and warranty listed on the architectural specifications for those products. The design and aesthetic appearance of the column, capital, and base are of equal importance in determining if the column shaft, capital, and base are “equal”. Manufacturers and products meeting these requirements will receive a letter of approval prior to bid date of this project. Manufacturers not receiving said letter will not be considered for this product.


A. Columns shall be Melton Classics DuraClassic™ Composite Fiberglass Columns according to following designation:

B. (Design numbers ending in “0” are plain shaft. Replace the last digit with a “5” to indicate fluted shaft ex. 205DC.) (Add “S” after DC in the design number to indicate square shaft design ex. 200DCS = Tuscan Design Plain Shaft Square).

  1. Tuscan – 200DC
  2. Roman Doric – 210DC
  3. Roman Doric Attic – 220DC
  4. Roman Ionic – 230DC
  5. Scamozzi – 240DC
  6. Roman Corinthian – 250DC
  7. Empire – 260DC
  8. Greek Angular Ionic – 270DC
  9. Empire with Necking – 280DC
  10. Greek Erectheum Ionic with Necking – 290DC
  11. Greek Erectheum Ionic – 300DC
  12. Modern Composite – 310DC
  13. Roman Doric Ornamental – 320DC
  14. Temple of Winds – 330DC

C. Columns shafts, capitals and bases shall be manufactured from fiberglass reinforced polyester resin marble composite. No polyurethane capitals or bases will be allowed.

D. Capitals and base/plinths shall be the manufacturers standard for the size and design indicated.


A. Column shaft, capital and base shall be cast fiberglass reinforced polyester resin and stone composite.

B. Columns are cast using GP polyester resins, fiberglass, and crushed stone. Columns are available to meet ASTM E 84-01 Class 1 test specifications for Flame Spread and Smoke Development.

  1. 1. Flame Spread Index (FSI) < 25
  2. 2. Smoke Developed Index (SDI) < 450

C. Shaft thickness shall be approximately 3/8″ to 5/8″ depending on diameter.



A. Transport and handle units in a manner that avoids excessive stresses or damage, and store on a level and clean surface.


A. Prior to manufacturing, dimensions and conditions not shown on the drawings will be checked by the erector for inclusion by the manufacturer.

B. Prior to installation, the erector shall check job site dimensions. Any discrepancies between design and field dimensions shall be brought to the attention of the General Contractor. Work shall not proceed until these discrepancies are corrected.

C. Lightly sand and thoroughly clean surfaces prior to installation to remove dirt and mold release prior to painting.

D. Prepare surfaces using the methods recommended by the manufacturer for achieving the best result for the substrate under the project conditions.


A. Install in accordance with manufacturer’s detailed installation instructions

B. Surface Preparation: Lightly sand all surfaces with 100 grit sandpaper and clean thoroughly to remove dust.

C. Primer: Acrylic based General Purpose Primer by Sherwin Williams.

D. Finish Coat: Acrylic based Duration by Sherwin Williams or approved equal.

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