FiberFlute™ Fluted Fiberglass Columns

FiberFlute Architectural Columns

FiberFlute Architectural Columns

Melton Classics is pleased to announce the introduction of its architecturally correct line of FiberFlute Classic™ fluted fiberglass columns. These durable classically proportioned columns are created with full depth ionic flutes to create the elegant vertical shadowing effects which have enhanced the beauty of fine architecture for centuries.

Classically Beautiful Structural Fluted Columns or Fluted Column Covers

FiberFlute Classic™ columns are load bearing, but can be provided manufactured halves for reassembly around structural supports for use as column covers or column wraps. When our FiberFlute fluted fiberglass columns are manufactured in halves, they are provided with an overlapping joint detail to facilitate alignment and rejoining of the column halves to ease installation and lower installation costs.

Classical Fluted Columns and Custom Fluted Columns

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, FiberFlute Classic™ fiberglass columns are available in classically authentic Ionic fluted Corinthian, Ionic, Doric and Tuscan designs in diameters from 14″ to 36″. The manufacture of custom fluted columns is our specialty, so please let us know if we can assist  you by economically crafting your own beautiful fluted column design.

For a free consultation and quotation on the ideal fluted column or fluted column cover for your design, application and budget, please call one of our experienced Architectural Column Specialists at 800-963-3060.

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