MeltonCraft™ PVC Column Cover Specifications

 SECTION 06400

1.0       GENERAL


A. MeltonCraftTM expanded cellular PVC Columns.

1.2             RELATED SECTIONS

A.  Section 06200 – Finish Carpentry.

B.  Section 09900 – Painting.

1.3             REFERENCES

A.  ASTM E 84 – Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.

1.4             SUBMITTALS

A.  Submit under provisions of Section 01300.

B. [Product Data]: Manufacturer’s data sheets on each product to be used, including:

1.         Preparation instructions and recommendations.

2.         Storage and handling requirements and recommendations.

3.         Installation methods.

C.   Verification Samples: For each finish product specified, two samples, minimum size 4 inches square, representing actual product, color, and patterns.

1.5             QUALITY ASSURANCE

A.  Mock-Up: Provide a mock-up for evaluation of surface preparation techniques and application workmanship.

1.         Finish areas designated by Architect.

2.         Do not proceed with remaining work until workmanship, is approved by Architect.

3.         Refinish mock-up area as required to produce acceptable work.


A.  Store and dispose of solvent-based materials, and materials used with solvent-based materials, in accordance with requirements of local authorities having jurisdiction.

B.  Columns shall be stored in the manufacturer’s packaging until ready for use.  If necessary to remove from crates, store in crated position with duplicate supports as originally crated.

C.  Capitals and bases shall be stored in the manufacturer’s packaging until ready for use.

1.7             PROJECT CONDITIONS

A.   Maintain environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, and ventilation) within limits recommended by manufacturer for optimum results.  Do not install products under environmental conditions outside manufacturer’s limits.

2.0             PRODUCTS

2.1             MANUFACTURER’S

A.   Acceptable Manufacturer:  Melton Classics, Inc.; P.O. Box 465020, Lawrenceville, GA  30045.  Toll Free Telephone: (800) 963-3060, Telephone: (770) 963-3060, Fax: (770) 962-6988,

2.2             COLUMNS

A.   MeltonCraftTM Cellular PVC Columns:

1.         Column Style:  MeltonCraftTuscan, Craftsman, Arts and Crafts, Custom.

2.         Column Cap and Base Style:  Tuscan non-tapered, Craftsman, Tuscan.

3.         Column Bottom Shaft Diameter or Width:  Refer to Drawings.

4.         Column Top Shaft Diameter or Width:  Refer to Drawings.

5.         Column Overall Height:  Refer to Drawings



2.3             MATERIALS

A.   PVC:  Expanded cellular PVC – 3/8” to 5/8” (Thickness varies depending on size and design.)

2.4             FABRICATION

A.   PVC Fabrications:

1.         Column panels expanded cellular PVC with lock mitered edges KD unassembled.

2.         Cap and base parts, expanded cellular PVC or polyurethane KD unassembled.

3.0             EXECUTION

3.1             EXAMINATION

A.   Do not begin installation until substrates have been properly prepared.

B.   If substrate preparation is the responsibility of another installer, notify Architect of unsatisfactory preparation before proceeding.

3.2             PREPARATION

A.   Clean surfaces thoroughly prior to installation.

B.   Prepare surfaces using the methods recommended by the manufacturer for achieving the best result for the substrate under the project conditions.

3.3             INSTALLATION

A.   Install in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

3.4             PROTECTION

A.   Protect installed products until completion of project.

B.   Touch-up, repair or replace damaged products before Substantial Completion.

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