MeltonStone™ Custom Cast Stone Elements

Custom Cast Stone ElementsLet your imagination run free. Medallions, signage, fountains, fireplaces or pilaster capitals and essentially anything you can imagine can be cast in durable MeltonStone Cast Stone. If you have seen it anywhere in architecture, we can create it for you in durable and beautiful MeltonStone Cast Stone.

Comparison – Cast Stone vs. Precast Concrete
Each individual MeltonStone Cast Stone element is inspected throughout the manufacturing process to make sure it has the quality, detail, finish and appearance our customers have come to expect from fine cast stone architectural products by Melton Classics. MeltonStone Cast Stone has a “sugar cube” like finish that looks like cut limestone which distinguishes its appearance from the more rough and pitted finish normally associated with precast concrete or wet cast concrete. The dense finish of MeltonStone Cast Stone is more resistant to weather and dirt, has lower moisture absorption, and has a smooth granular finish with no pits or bug holes. MeltonStone resists spalling and weathering of its surface, so it retains its fine granular texture through decades of exposure to the elements.  MeltonStone Cast Stone is cast to the highest quality standards to meet and exceed the stringent specifications set forth by the Cast Stone Institute.

Complete Coordination of your Buildings Design Elements with MeltonStone Cast Stone
We have listed a few of Custom Cast Stone Elementsthe broad selection MeltonStone Cast Stone Architectural Elements we offer at left, however please remember, the only limit to what we can create in MeltonStone Cast Stone is your imagination. Custom cast stone is our specialty. To add the beauty, elegance and durability of MeltonStone Cast Stone Architectural Elements to your project, please call one of our Architectural Products Specialists at 800-963-3060 for a free consultation and quotation.

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