FiberWound Classic™ Filament Wound Fiberglass Column Split and Tabbed for Reassembly Installation Instructions

Installer Supplied Materials

  1. Blocking material
  2. Non-corrosive fasteners
  3. Premium grade polyurethane adhesive or epoxy adhesive
  4. Fiberglass repair materials similar to marine grade bondo
  5. Metal L” brackets

Columns will arrive with shafts, capitals and bases split in halves. Each shaft half will be fitted with reattachment tabs. Shaft halves will be screwed together when they arrive. Split columns are non-load bearing.

Reassembly Instructions

  1. Columns that are split for Reassembly should be installed similarly to full columns as indicated in standard Tuscan/Doric Fiberglass Column Installation Instructions (steps 1 through 7).
  2. Prior to erecting halves, pre-fit them on the ground. Column halves may not retain semicircular shape when disassembled.  If necessary, a plywood circle the same size as the column shaft can be attached to the interior of the column shaft, or structural support with blocking and glued inside shaft during installation to aid with realignment of column halves.
  3. Secure column shaft in place using non-corrosive fasteners and metal “L” brackets at top and bottom of shaft.
  4. Lift the second column shaft half into place approximately 3 inches from the first shaft half.
  5. Apply high quality polyurethane adhesive or epoxy to the tabs and seam of both shaft halves. Quickly align shaft halves around the interior support and join together using the small grabber screws shipped with the shafts. Wipe off excess adhesive from the surface of the column immediately. Attach the “L” brackets on the second shaft half to the structure using non-corrosive fasteners.
  6. Follow adhesive manufacturers curing guidelines. Be sure to account for cool or damp conditions. Upon completion of curing remove grabber screws, fill screw holes and feather out shaft joint seam using a fiberglass repair kit. After curing finish sand with 120 grit, or finer sandpaper.
  7. Install capital and base/plinth halves in place using non-corrosive fasteners, blocking and recommended adhesive.
  8. After installation of capital and base, repair any nicks, screw holes or seams with fiberglass repair kit (bondo) and sand smooth with 120 grit or finer sandpaper.
  9. Insert polypropylene backer rope into joint between column capital and base where they meet the column shaft. Caulk joint where capital and base meet shaft with premium grade paintable caulk.
  10. Clean column shaft thoroughly with a high quality solvent to remove and oil, grease ,or dirt prior to painting.
  11. Immediately after installation, apply high quality latex primer and a minimum of two coats of premium latex paint to all exterior surfaces.

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