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Fluted Architectural Columns by Melton Classics

fluted columns made from fiberglasThe elegant appearance of fluted architectural columns has been enhanced by the vertical shadowing effect of fluting for centuries, and Melton Classics carries on that tradition with its authentically designed fluted column products. Melton Classics offers our architecturally authentic fluted columns crafted in eight different quality materials and in and essentially limitless selection of designs. We offer fluted columns round or square with tapered or straight shafts, and embellished with your choice of a myriad of classical, contemporary or custom capital and base designs.

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Fluted Wood Columns

Our popular and affordably priced DuraClassic Fluted Columns are cast from our durable poly/marble fiberglass composite, are simple and inexpensive to install, and are backed by a lifetime warranty. Our ClassicGlas Fiber/Resin Fiberglass Fluted Columns are available with beautiful Ionic flutes and Doric flutes in selected sizes. These beautiful lifetime warranty columns are popular with our customers for their projects with large columns because ClassicGlas Columns are engineered for reduced weight and ease of installation as fluted column covers.

For your square fluted column needs we offer our MeltonCraft PVC Column Covers which can be provided in an essentially limitless selection of designs for quick and simple assembly around your structural supports. Our MarbleTex Polymer Stone maintenance free prefinished stone columns offer you a variety of color choices and no need for painting.

Fluted Wood Columns
ClassicWood Wood Fluted Columns are available with both Ionic or Doric Flutes in diameters from 8″ to 36″ and heights to 24′. We also can recreate columns from antiquity for your historical restoration projects in our ClassicWood product line. We can create any design you wish in any wood species for application of a paint or stain finish.

There are two main fluting styles which are found in columns from antiquity, Ionic and Doric. Ionic fluted columns have 24 semi-circular flutes with a flat surface between the flutes called a fillet. Doric fluted columns are more shallow, and are constructed with 20 flutes that come to a point between each flute.

Ionic Flutes

Fluted Architectural Columns by Melton Classics

Doric Flutes

Fluted Column Plan Types

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