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Melton Classics provides you with the largest selection of columns in the industry offered to you at affordable prices and crafted with flawless quality. Our columns are crafted a wide array of quality materials, and are offered in an essentially limitless collection of classical and contemporary designs to allow you to select the perfect columns for your design, budget and building application.

Columns for Every Design and Application

To ensure we can provide our customers with the ideal columns for their needs, we offer our columns and column covers crafted in a broad selection of the finest materials available. We offer Fiberglass Columns and Fiberglass Column Covers engineered for low maintenance and backed by lifetime warranties with round or square shaft styles, and a limitless selection of standard and custom column designs to enhance the beauty of any home and building. For demanding applications like schools, apartments and government housing, we recommend our affordably priced DuraClassic™ Composite Fiberglass Columns cast entirely from our durable poly/marble composite and backed by a lifetime warranty. For larger and custom columns, we recommend our lifetime warranty ClassicGlas™ Fiberglass Columns which are somewhat lighter in weight, and can be provided load bearing or split and tabbed for easy handling and low cost assembly.




 Craftsman Tuscan MeltonCraft Columns




Our authentic ClassicWood™ Wood Columns can be crafted in a variety of the finest quality wood species for paint or stain applications. For unmatched weather resistance, we offer our exterior ClassicWood™ columns in All Heart Cedar, or All Heart Redwood which are coated with asphaltum on the interior and double primed. If your project calls for interior wood columns, we also offer a variety of beautiful hardwoods and softwoods for stain and paint applications.Melton Classics also has prefinished and maintenance free columns with the look and feel of stone and masonry. Our large selection of maintenance free columns are offered in a limitless palette of colors to enhance the beauty of your home or building project. Our prefinished and maintenance free MarbleTex™ Synthetic Stone Columns have integral color throughout the stone composite, and have a sugar cube texture similar to cut stone. Our economically priced FiberCrete™ GFRC Columns (fiberglass reinforced concrete) are available prefinished for a stone appearance, or can be provided unfinished for field applied paint finishes.

Columns in Classical, Contemporary and Custom Designs

Melton Classics offers our columns crafted in an essentially unlimited selection of designs to create the look and feel you desire for the columns in your project. We offer our columns in round, square, tapered, straight, plain, fluted and paneled shaft designs in your selection of authentic classical, contemporary, and amazingly affordable custom designs.

Classical columns of antiquity were designed with exacting proportions and entasis tapered shaft designs, and were put to paper in the Orders of Architecture established by the famous Renaissance architect Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola. Our authentically designed classical columns are designed according to those timeless proportions, and hold true to The Composite, Corinthian, Ionic, Doric and Tuscan Orders. Our classical columns are available with column shafts in round, square or engaged pilaster configurations with your choice of plain, fluted or paneled shaft designs. Designed with a classically correct entasis (bowed taper), these authentic classical designs carry on the timeless beauty and unmistaken elegance of true and authentic classical columns.

We also offer a broad selection of columns in Contemporary straight shaft column designs. For your square column needs, we also offer Craftsman columns, Bungalow columns and Arts and Crafts column designs with smooth, fluted, or paneled designs.

Custom columns are our specialty at Melton Classics. We can affordably create, or replicate your own unique custom designed columns in a wide selection of the finest available materials. For historical replication columns, we can create any design you require to recreate the original beauty of your historical restoration in any of our broad selection of quality materials. The only limitation to the custom designed columns we can build for you is your imagination!

Call for Your Free Columns Consultation and Quote

Please call one of our experienced columns specialists at 800-963-3060 for a free personal consultation and quotation. From the first call you will be assigned your own Column Specialist who will guide you through product selection, estimation, installation and help you ensure you will have a successful column project. It is our goal to ensure that you select the ideal columns for your design, application, and budget. We look forward to serving you.

Thank you for your interest in quality columns by Melton Classics.

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