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Melton Classics fiberglass columns are quality built from the finest materials, affordably priced, and backed by our limited lifetime warranty. We also provide you with an essentially limitless selection of classical, contemporary and custom designs with round or square shaft styles so that you can select the ideal fiberglass columns to enhance the beauty of your home or building design. Our fiberglass columns can also be provided load bearing, or as fiberglass column covers to meet any design need. Please call us at 800-963-3060 for a free project consultation and quotation on fiberglass columns for your building project.

Fiberglass Columns with Easy Installation and Low Maintenance

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Large Fiberglass Columns

All our fiberglass columns are engineered for ease of installation, and low maintenance, and are offered in a wide selection of durable low maintenance fiberglass composites to meet any building application need. Our popular affordably priced DuraClassic™ Composite Fiberglass Columns are cast entirely from our durable and impact resistant poly/marble fiberglass composite making them ideal for high wear applications like schools, apartments and government housing, or for your home’s front porch. DuraClassic™ fiberglass columns are also available in a broad selection of beautiful Classical, Contemporary and Craftsman designs to enhance the beauty of any home or building.Our ClassicGlas™ ResinCast Fiberglass Columns are a popular choice for larger columns and custom column designs. They are also engineered to be somewhat lighter in weight making them easier to handle for large column applications. They also can be manufactured in halves for fiberglass column cover applications, and are engineered for ease of installation with shaft alignment tabs the full length of the shaft.If you would like to eliminate the need to paint your columns, we also offer our MarbleTex™ Marble Composite Fiberglass Columns. These maintenance free fiberglass columns are cast from our fiberglass reinforced synthetic marble composite and cast with integral color throughout the column. These beautiful fiberglass columns have a fine sugar cube texture, and are available in a wide array of standard or custom colors to match any decor. If your project calls for balustrade, please ask your sales representative about our matching MarbleTex™ Balustrades to help coordinate your architectural design elements.

Huge Selection of Fiberglass Column Designs

All our fiberglass columns are available in authentic classical designs based on the Orders of Architecture by the famous Renaissance architect Vignola. Our classical designed fiberglass columns are crafted with a graceful bowed entasis taper and full classical proportioned capitals and bases for a true classical appearance. For the bungalow style designs, we offer our fiberglass columns in square tapered or square non-tapered Craftsman, Bungalow and Arts and Crafts designs. We also offer a variety of non-tapered contemporary designs for a more modern appearance.

Free Consultation and Quotation on our Fiberglass Columns

For assistance with product selection, installation consultation, or a quotation, please give us a call toll free at 800-963-3060. Thank you for the opportunity to quote our quality fiberglass columns for your building project.

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