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Melton Classics is the premiere provider of columns with one of the largest selections in the industry.  We offer so many columns at affordable prices and you cannot beat the incredible quality of our columns. We craft columns in a wide array of types and sizes using only top quality materials.  Our almost limitless collection of classical and contemporary columns to can fit in to virtually any design, budget or residential or commercial building application.

“Perfect columns for every design, budget and building!”

You will be amazed that we provide every customer with the best columns for every project need.  Our wide selection of columns allows us to offer not only prefab columns but column covers as well which are all crafted with only the best materials available. Columns can be for decor or can be load bearing.

We engineer our fiberglass columns as well as our fiberglass column covers to be virtually maintenance free and they are covered by lifetime warranties.   Your columns can come in both round or square shaft styles and we have a special selection of both standard and custom column’s designs which are sure to enhance the absolute beauty and historic value of any home or commercial building. We also have many  high wear columns application products for your commercial columns needs.  For institutions  such as schools, apartments and government housing, we highly recommend one of our most affordable product lines called  DuraClassic™ Composite Fiberglass Columns.  These columns are cast entirely from our durable poly/marble composites.    When you need larger custom columns, we highly recommend our ClassicGlas™ Fiberglass Columns which are much lighter in weight but can provide load bearing or even be split and tabbed.  These products have a lifetime warranty and made for easy installation and low cost assembly.

Columns For Your Perfect Building



 Craftsman Tuscan MeltonCraft Columns


Commercial grade columns


ClassicWood™ Wood Columns from Melton Classics are finely crafted with the absolutely finest quality wood.  This allows for easy application of paint or stain for a perfect final look.If you are looking for weather resistant columns we highly recommend the our exterior ClassicWood™ columns products built with All Heart Cedar and also available in All Heart Redwood.  These columns come pretreated and  coated with Asphaltum on the interior of the columns and then and double primed on the exterior.When your project calls for beautiful interior wood columns, we highly recommend our spectacular  variety of hardwoods and softwoods for a perfect stain or paint application. These columns can come prefinished and maintenance free.  Giving your new columns the look and feel of stone and masonry.What about colors?  Our incredible selection of maintenance free columns are can come delivered in virtually and palette of colors to enhance the beauty of your home or commercial building.  These columns come prefinished and maintenance free in our MarbleTex™ Synthetic Stone Columns product line.   These columns actually have the integral color minxed in the stone composite, and have a sugar cube texture similar that look and feels like real cut stone.If you are looking for an unfinished stone appearance we highly recommend our very affordable FiberCrete™ GFRC Columns line which are fiberglass reinforced concrete.  These columns are prefinished for a real stone appearance. They can come both finished or unfinished for building site applied paint finishes.

Columns in Classical, Contemporary and Custom Designs

Melton Classics offers columns crafted in a large selection of designs to create the perfect historic look you desire.  These columns add the perfect touch to any classical or contemporary look you are trying to achieve with your project. Our columsn products are offered in:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Tapered
  • Straight
  • Plain
  • Fluted
  • Paneled Shaft

These columns are perfect for any authentic classical or contemporary design.  And Melton Classics columns are amazingly affordable.


A little history of columns

Classical Columns of antiquity were were orginally designed with exacting proportions and entasis tapered shaft designs.  These designs were cataloged in the Orders of Architecture which was created by the the famous Renaissance architect Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola.

Melton Classics are authentically designed classical columns in accordance to those timeless proportions.  These specification hold true to The Composite, Corinthian, Ionic, Doric and Tuscan Orders.

We are here to serve you and all your columns needs!

At Melton Columns we love our products!  We love changing ordinary buildings and homes in to a work of art.   Custom columns are what we do at Melton Classics. We love to work with builders and designers to affordably create, or replicate your own unique custom designed columns using our wide array of the finest building materials.

Please call us today and talk to one of our experienced columns specialists at 800-963-3060 for a free personal consultation and quote.  You will immediately be assigned your own Columns Specialist who will carefully guide you through the easy product selection, give you an estimate, and make sure you get all the installation help you need. We will make every effort to ensure you will love your building and the Melton Columns product that work the best for your design. It is our sincerest goal to make sure ensure that you select perfect columns for your design, application, budget, and building type. Call us today!  It’s quick and easy.

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